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About Happy Tails


Let's shake paws

My name is Mirjam Nagtegaal, I am 27 years old and I am a certified dog groomer and owner of Happy Tails. Above you can see me with my own dog: Maya. She also regularly comes with me to the grooming salon.


I obtained my grooming diploma 3 years ago, since my training I have rented a table at another grooming salon as a self-employed groomer, and I have had my own grooming salon for one year now. I have a great passion for animals, and specifically for dogs. Before I discovered dog grooming as a profession, I worked at several dog walking services and at a dog boarding facility. In short, working with dogs is something I really enjoy.

Since I started grooming dogs, I have also discovered that I really enjoy working with dogs with behavioral problems. It is so beautiful to see a dog grow after every grooming and blossom over time. 

I also enjoy training interns and introducing people to what being a groomer actually entails.

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