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Tips prior to your visit

What should you think about so that your pets' experience at our salon is as pleasant as possible? We provide you with 7 tips.

  1. Walk your dog before your visit. The treatment can take a little long and it is annoying if the dog has to hold its needs for so long.

  2. Also consult with your groomer if you plan to give your pet a bath for his or her grooming session. Many coats are difficult to treat after washing.

  3. Make sure your pet doesn't have wet fur during his grooming session.

  4. If your dog has a medical condition or a contagious condition (kennel cough / heat) let the groomer know in advance.

  5. Always put your dog on a leash.

  6. Never bring your pet with a full stomach.

  7. Make sure your pet is free of fleas.

Frequently asked questions

We often hear these questions

How often does my dog need to go to the groomer?

  • Poodle coats 4-8 times a year

  • Wire-haired coats 2-4 times a year

  • Spaniel coats 4-6 times a year

How old does my dog have to be to go to the grooming salon?

  • Your puppy is welcome in the grooming salon from the age of 12 weeks. NB: your puppy must have had all vaccinations.

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